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 Blood Music

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PostSubject: Blood Music   Blood Music Icon_minitimeWed Jun 04, 2008 11:26 am

This story is one that I have seen in movies and absolutely love it. I like how the biochips gradually improved and started to talk through virus like applications. This story is the first I have read that really explained how the chips could talk. The ideas behind the improving were amusing as well. The actually made sence, like not having our spine vunerable, and creating triangle shapes in our bones. The concept of them finding out about the brain and the "space" outside was genius. Other stories about this theme always seems to just take that relationship for granted. At the end of the story when Eddie and Gail were becoming one with everything around them blew my mind. I wonder how their personalities and such would be absorbed by the individual chips? I mean since each one was different from the other, what will come about once the whole world has become a universe to them? Will they start to compound and become bigger and eventually be seperate beings kind of like us?

Overall this was an awsome story.
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Blood Music
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