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PostSubject: Discussion Topics   Discussion Topics Icon_minitimeMon May 12, 2008 6:36 pm

IV) Gully Foyle’s Character Development: How many Gullys? Some see at least five different Gully Foyles in this novel, and an evolutionary process that connects them. What are the characteristics of the different versions of Gully? What events transform him? All in all, is he a hero or an anti-hero?

1. “A man of physical strength and intellectual potential stunted by lack of ambition.” (16) (Nishel)

a. Ex. All he does is survive, he refuses to thrive and refuses to die.

2. “Vorga, I kill you filthy.” (23) He becomes possessed by the desire to hunt and destroy the symbol Vorga. During this time, he becomes motivated but not necessarily intelligent. He possesses common senses but not book smarts still speaking in “gutter.” (Andrea)

3. “Learn to think, Gully. The head that could figure out how to get Nomad under way and how to put a bomb together ought to be able to figure that out. But no more bombs; brains instead...” (75)

a. He becomes more educated and begins his planning, thinking, etc. and not reacting without thinking.

b. He also demonstrates his brute force and lack of brains by raping Robin but when he meets Jis and is educated (begins thinking) he learns to love. (Vincente)

4. Once the mask is removed, Geoffrey Fourmyle is allowed to exist under cover and gain control over “all” circumstances and his actions, learning, digging, training, and becoming a better hunter. (Daniel)

5. Development of a conscience.

a. “I was a tiger all my life. I trained myself…educated myself…pulled myself up by my stripes to make me a stronger tiger with a longer claw and a sharper tooth…quick and deadly…I went too far. I went beyond simplicity. I turned myself into a thinking creature. I look through your blind eyes, my love whom I loathe, and I see myself. The tiger’s gone.” (212) (Andrea)

6. He gave himself up. (Nishel)

a. “A criminal never surrenders while he’s ahead. You’re obviously ahead. What’s the reason?”

b. “The most damnable thing that ever happened to a man. I picked up a rare disease called conscience…It is fatal. I’ve realized that I’ve been behaving like an animal…” (221)

7. Burning Gully. (Vincente)

a. “The Burning Man laughed again. ‘Listen to her. She’s screaming. Begging. She doesn’t want to die. She doesn’t want to be hurt. Listen to her.” (242)

b. “He was not blind, not deaf, not senseless. Sensation came to him, but filtered through a nervous system twisted and short-circuited by the shock of the PyrE concussion. He was suffering from synethesia, that rare condition in which perception receives messages from the objective world and relays these messages to the brain, but there in the brain the sensory perceptions are confused with one another.” (235)
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PostSubject: Re: Discussion Topics   Discussion Topics Icon_minitimeMon May 12, 2008 11:32 pm

The Women of Gully Foyle: Robin Wednesbury, Jisbella McQueen, and Olivia Presteign - What do they have in common? What is the nature of their relationship with Gully? Do they hate him or love him? Why?

Basically, they all find Gully utterly irresistible. They simultaneously love and hate him, probably because they find him so intriguing and interesting and "dangerous" and who knows what else. Wink Now let's break this down:

Robin - In the beginning, Gully thought of her as merely a tool, a means for his revenge. Their relationship was strictly "use and abuse," as our group likes to call it. So at first, there was no "love" between the two, just hatred (mostly on Robin's end, for she was the one being blackmailed. And raped.). The second time around, however, they need one another for different reasons: Gully, for his revenge, and Robin, for her family. They are willing to help each other out by working together to acheive their own goals. She still dislikes him, but she must will herself to work with him. On page 180, Robin finds out that Gully loves Olivia, and her jealous and spiteful reaction demonstrates that she does possess some sort of freakish feelings towards Gully, whether she likes it or not. Our group calls it "hateful love." Finally, at the end of the story, she saves him by directing him away from the flames using her telesend abilities. She does not feel scorned any longer, for she has clearly moved on and is no longer interested in him. Her feelings of love/hate have turned into feelings of indifference. On page 244, she admits that she has forgiven and forgotten him.

Jisbella - When he hears her voice in the jail, he refers to her as his "furious angel" (73). Through the whisper line, Gully is able to communicate with Jisbella, and it is in this way that they both "fall in love." We believe that this is Gully's purest form of love that he acquires throughout the course of this novel. Jisbella is Gully's savior, for she is his only human connection in that dark and lonely jailcell, sparing him from going completely insane and breaking down. She's his savior, but she is also his teacher (brains, not bombs!). It's pretty much a given that they would fall in love with one another since they only have each other. Their relationship starts going downhill after they escape and after she begins to see who Gully truly is and what he is motivated by. She finds out that he has kept the money on board the Nomad a secret to her, and to top it all off, he leaves her hangin in space. Hence her feelings of love turning to hate. Gully might've cared for her, but at that time, he cared more about Vorga, so he had no choice but to leave her behind. When Jiz sees Gully again, she doesn't betray him, even though she is now with Saul. She seems to be indifferent to the relationship, just as Robin is.

Olivia - The snow princess. Gully's other half. She shows interest in Gully in the beginning of the relationship in the ways that she tests him. She figures out his true identity, but that does not stop her from falling in love with his nature. She can recognize and relate to his "evil side," and she compares this nature to her own nature. She says that the both of them are monsters, so it is no wonder that they fell in love. Gully loves her, but when he realizes that he is essentially no better than a woman compelled to murder just because she was dealt an unlucky hand when she was born, his great character revelation takes place.

Whew. This book was like an endless soap opera. Seriously.
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PostSubject: Re: Discussion Topics   Discussion Topics Icon_minitimeTue May 13, 2008 8:35 pm

But probably the best soap opera ever! And I absolutely hate soap operas.
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PostSubject: Re: Discussion Topics   Discussion Topics Icon_minitimeWed May 14, 2008 12:32 am

Discussion Topic #2

The Foils of Gully Foyle: Saul Dagenham and Y’ang -Yeovil – What are their personality traits and qualities? What do they have in common? How are they different? What is their relationship with Gully?

Saul Dagenham
• Private operation “Dagenham Couriers Inc” (58)
• Although first motivated by the money Presteign offers him, he comes to see Foyle as a worthy adversary
• First to capture Gully Foyle
• Uses psychological methods of torture to gain information (“Nightmare Theatre,” “Megal Mood”) (62)
• Places Foyle in Gouffre Martel to break him (70)
• Ironically calls off the search for Gully after his escape because everything he wanted has happened, through events outside of his control (103-104)
• Very clever, matter of fact and open about his plans and objectives
• Radioactive, must be in constant motion to prevent killing those around him
• Is very similar to Foyle, making him the more interesting, more worthy adversary
• Later becomes romantically involved with Jizbella McQueen, which fits because they are both self-motivated and self-serving characters

Captain Peter Y’ang – Yeovil
• Works for Central Intelligence (53)
• Uses secretive, military tactics, but has full discretion under the law
• Goes undercover posing as Angelo Poggi to lure Foyle (157-158). He fails to capture Foyle.
• Wants to find Foyle to lead him to PyrE to save the world.
• A somewhat stereotypical CIA character, who sometimes screws up his own operations.
• Womanizer, meets and romances women he meets on duty, like Robin.

• Both begin with the same objective of finding Gully Foyle
• Both are loyal to and attempt to save the Inner Planets from the Outer Satellites
• In the end they unite to save Foyle’s life

• Dagenham is much more compelling as a character because of his corruption
• Their motivations are different: Dagenham is in it for profit, Y’ang wants to try and save the world.
• Dagenham succeeds at capturing and tracking Foyle, where Y’ang continually fails.
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